Address: 2 Boland Way, Springfield, MA 01115
tower square hotel room interior

Hotel Accessibility

Comfort & Convenience

To learn about the accessible rooms, spaces and services available at our hotel, we have created the following page for general reference by all of our guests.

Accessible Parking

  1. Flat surface access to hotel
  2. Parking drop off point is adjacent to entrance

Accessible Public Areas

  1. Hotel entrance
  2. Public toilets
  3. Meeting/Event rooms
  4. Elevator access to all floors
  5. All elevators are ADA compliant
  6. Elevators near accessible rooms

Hearing Impaired Accessibility

  1. Close-caption TVs
  2. Visual/strobe alarms

Vision Impaired Accessibility

  1. Braille on elevators
  2. Audible alarms

Due to our property being under construction in 2020, additional compliance features will be completed soon.